Former Eagles WR Josh Huff on Why He Had a Gun: ‘I’m From Houston. Can’t Trust People in Houston’

Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Minicamp

On Monday, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff was pulled over for speeding and got himself arrested for possessing a gun, weed, and hollow point bullets.

On Wednesday, Josh Huff had this to say about his arrest.

“I’m a professional athlete. What professional athlete don’t have a gun?” Huff said Wednesday. “I have a wife and I have a son at home, and my job is to protect them at all costs. My job is to protect myself as well.”

On Thursday, the Eagles released Josh Huff from the team. Huff pointed to the fact that he’s from Houston when explaining why he needs to be strapped at all times.

Former Eagles WR Josh Huff, via Philly reporters, on why he had a gun: “I’m from Houston. You can’t trust a lot of people in Houston. There’s always somebody out to get you.”

“Even when I’m back in Houston, I always have a gun on me.”

“There’s been several instances in Houston where I’ve lost a friend to gun violence. … Why would I let that happen to me?”

The now former Eagles receiver said he has a permit to carry in Texas, not New Jersey.

“I knew a little bit of (New Jersey gun laws), but obviously I didn’t know enough about it,” Huff said. “As a guy who carries, that’s on me. I should know things like that. But at the end of the day, I can’t do nothing about it now but move forward and try to fix it.

“How do I fix it? Just continue to be Josh Huff. I can’t let this define me, and it won’t define me. I’m gonna grow from this and I will learn from this.”

Unfortunately for him, he will have to learn that on another team.

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