ESPN Drops Brand New ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Ad Honoring the Cubs (Video)


While most of the celebrations over the Cubs World Series win were anything but subtle, ESPN had a pretty sly way of tipping their hat to the Cubbies in this “This Is SportsCenter” ad. We get John Saunders walking through the office, erasing one of those “___ days without a Cubs championship” boards.

Then, not to get TOO sentimental, the commercial shows the UConn Huskie doing the same thing on a workplace accident board, cone around his neck.

You know what? Don’t read my description. Just watch the 30-second clip here:

I sure get the impression that this was made on the fly after the Cubs win, and the time shown (for whatever that’s worth) seems to support that. So I’m going to believe that this was made last night at 1 AM.

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