Theo Epstein Drops a Big Ole’ F-Bomb During Post-World Series Interview (Video)


As most every baseball fan knows, Theo Epstein, the GM of the Cubs, has been there before. He was there when the Red Sox won the World Series over a decade ago, and he was there the year before, when they let the pennant slip to the Yankees. So it’s pretty understandable that he would get a little emotional and a little profane (and seemingly, a little drunk) at 1:10 AM when this interview took place.

They asked him what it was like (not the most inspired question, btw), and he talked about feeling it slip away, and having people text him congrats during the aforementioned Red Sox loss before the game slipped away.

He says about the early congratulators, “I was like, f*** you.”

He then brings it back home with a nice cliche. “This is baseball. Anything can happen.”

Congrats, Theo.