Witness Says Cubs Fan Taunted Indians Fan With ‘3-1’ Jokes Before He Got Knocked Out (Video)


Not all Chicago Cubs fans got to celebrate their team breaking a 108-year-old curse of not winning the World Series when they defeated the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night.

Two guys, a Cubs and Indians fan, were arguing in the streets when the Indians fan knocked the Cubs fan out with one punch, leaving him sleeping on the pavement.


TMZ caught up with a guy who witnessed the entire altercation and he stated the Cubs fan was pissing the Indians fan off with his ‘3-1’ jokes when he decked him.

“The Cubs fan said, ‘You guys just blew a 3-1 lead, f**k you.’”

The Indians fan shot back, “Fight me, p****.”

The Cubs fan replied, “Hit me now, I dare you.”

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