Bucs Go For Meaningless 2-Point Convert and Jameis Winston Gets Slaughtered (Video)


This may not be the highwater mark for the NFL, but considering how poor the Thursday night matchups have been this season (and since the concept started), the NFL’s probably just happy we’re talking about the game. Even if it’s because one of the most promising QBs in the league g0t his butt handed to him.

The Tampa Bay Bucs were down 40-20 after scoring a TD late in the fourth, and for reasons that aren’t immediately clear (pride? practice?) the team went for 2 after the TD.

Hindsight showed this to be a bad idea.

Here it is:

The good news is…that’s one less Thursday Night Football game to watch.  That bad news is Winston was noticeable hobbled following the play.

Feel better, Jameis. That looked rough.

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