Peyton Manning Sings ‘Nationwide’ Theme at CMA Awards (Video)


We all know that since Peyton Manning retired from football to focus on ads, he’s been even more prominent on TV than he had ever been in the past. And sure, he gets to make millions of dollars by pretending to like Papa John’s Pizza (IS IT WORTH IT, PEYTON?), but that doesn’t mean folks don’t get to knock him down a peg or two when he’s around.

Which is just what happens at the CMA Awards.

The hosts of the CMAs, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, doing a bit of crowd work, called out the NFL legend, speak-singing to him in that Nationwide cadence we all have seared into our brains.

However, when Peyton realized he couldn’t beat ’em, he joined ’em, belting out the jingle as well.

It was pretty funny, actually.

Here it is:

I bet he made $1 million just for that bit.

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