Was Russell Westbrook Trolling Kevin Durant with his Goofy Outfit Before Warriors-Thunder Game? (Videos)


Did you know that Kevin Durant is an amateur photographer? His former teammate Russell Westbrook does.

Last season Durant worked as a photographer at Super Bowl 50 for The Players Tribune. The following week he was talking to some reporters about the experience, and Westbrook stood right behind him the whole time, making fun of him.

Why are we talking about this now? Because it might help explain Westbrook’s very unusual choice of attire as he arrived at Oakland’s Oracle Arena for the Thunder’s first showdown against the Warriors since Durant signed with the Dubs in the offseason.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s a photographer bib. Like the one photographers wear at sporting events. Like the Super Bowl. Or the Warriors-Thunder game.

The prevailing theory among Twitter experts? That Westbrook was trolling his former teammate:

But Westbrook denied that this was the case:

And others have suggested other theories:

Of course, Westbrook is an intense guy who likes to wear weird outfits. It’s possible this is just one of his more eccentric fashion choices.

That said, he also seemed pretty salty about the manner in which KD left town.

So is this somehow a dig at his former teammate? Who knows.

Hat Tip – [The Vertical]

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