CM Punk Calls LeBron a Bandwagon Cleveland Indians Fan (Video)


Former WWE wrestler and current UFC fighter, CM Punk, is not a fan of bandwagon fans at all.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James once wore a New York Yankees hat to an Indians game and has been spotted wearing a Yankees hat numerous times.

This confused CM Punk as to why LeBron all of a sudden started jumping on the bandwagon of the Indians—because they were in the World Series.

“Let’s talk about LeBron James for a second, here. He’s a guy who was criticized because maybe six months ago, he was at an Indians game and he was wearing a Yankees hat. Proudly. He takes it off his head and he shows everybody. I don’t know what he’s thinking … To wear a Yankees hat while going to an Indians game, to me, is kind of crazy. Now all of a sudden, LeBron James is all ‘Cleveland against the world.’ I think he kind of jinxed his team a little bit, because [the Cavs] went so hard in on the ‘Golden State blew the 3-1 lead.’ And then the Indians … “



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