The Plot Thickens! Gisele Tells Instagram Follower She and Brady Are NOT Backing Trump (Pic + Video)

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Got some very important election news for you guys. Are you ready for it?

On Monday night, right before he read that heartfelt endorsement letter from Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump told supporters in New Hampshire that Tom Brady himself had called earlier that day to say he voted for Trump.

“Tom Brady, great guy, great guy. Great guy, great friend of mine. Great, great champion. Unbelievable winner,” Trump told an ecstatic crowd in Manchester on the eve of the election. “He called today and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you.'”

Take a look:

As you may know, Tom Brady has been dodging the issue of whether he’s voting for his “great friend” Donald Trump for months and months. So did Brady really give Trump permission to reveal his vote on Monday, the day before his election?

Well, on Monday morning Brady told the Kirk & Callahan talk radio show that he hadn’t voted yet, and that he would vote either “today or tomorrow.”

Assuming Brady wasn’t confused about Massachusettes voting procedures, his answer probably means he hadn’t yet decided whether he would send in an absentee ballot, which was due at noon on Monday, or vote in person on Tuesday. It is certainly possible that, after talking to Kirk & Callahan, Brady decided to fill out an absentee ballot and send it in, in which case he may have called Trump and told him that, yes, he did vote for him.

However, according to a social media comment by Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, the Brady household does not support Donald Trump.

NESN reporter Doug Kyed was scrolling through the comments underneath one of Gisele’s Instagram posts when he came across this:



Now, it could just be that Gisele was speaking for herself alone. If she supports Clinton but Tom supports Trump, “no” would still be a truthful answer to the question are “you and Tom” backing Trump. However, it’s also possible that she meant neither herself nor Tom support Trump.

So did/will Tom Brady vote for Donald Trump? Nobody knows!

We will eventually, though. Right after he told Kirk & Callahan he hadn’t voted yet, Tom Brady promised to reveal his vote next week.

I for one will be waiting on pins and needles.

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