John Wall Ejected for Bumping Into and Swearing at an Official (Video)


John Wall is almost certainly frustrated this year. His team is a bleak 1-5, and it’s looking unlikely that he’ll ever turn the corner into superstardom the way Kyrie Irving did a year or two back.

And while that may explain WHY he did what he did last night, it’s hardly an excuse.

The Wizards PG picked up a second tech with just 33 seconds left in their losing cause, resulting in his getting booted from the game for a fairly innocuous looking bump on a ref.

Take a look:

It doesn’t look like much, but depending on what he said, this could have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back last night.

The ref spelled it out simply enough:

“For inappropriate language and using vulgarity towards a game official. He already received his first technical foul. After granting the team a timeout, I felt there was contact and he bumped me. I wasn’t certain of his intent. I told him to watch himself. He looked over his shoulder and used vulgarity and inappropriate language and was ejected on his second technical foul.”

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