Kam Chancellor Proposes to Ex-Taz’s Angel & Possible Escort Tiffany Luce After Monday Night Game (Video)


If you’re not familiar with Taz’s Angels, basically they are a bunch of women mainly in the Miami area living under one roof with one man, who’s their boyfriend named Taz.

Earlier this year, the entire house was being investigated by the FBI for prostitution, which came as a shock to no one who lives in the area.


Seattle Seahawks safety Kan Chancellor was inactive for last night’s game against the Buffalo Bills, but that didn’t stop him from making headlines as he proposed to former Taz’s Angels girl, Tiffany Luce.

It’s Official @tiffanyluce @mccoysdiamonds

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….To each his own. No one knows for sure if she participated in what the other girls did or not.  But even if she did, Kam doesn’t seem to mind.

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