Watch: 500-Pound Grouper Pulls Fisherman Into Water (Video)


They say when you fall off a horse you have to pick yourself up and get back on.

Apparently that expression also applies to fishing and falling out of boats.

A YouTube video posted last week by Big Bully Outdoors, a fishing charter operation from Boca Grande, Florida, documents an incredible battle between a South Dakota man named Dustin and an estimated 500-pound goliath grouper. At first Dustin is doing just fine as the folks leading the charter give him pointers on how to reel the fish in. However, at roughly the 30-second mark, the fish makes a sudden change of direction that catches Dustin off guard, causing him to lose his balance and fall right off the side of the boat.

Fortunately the rod was tethered to the boat. So after Dustin got out of the water he resumed the battle and, eventually, landed the 500-pound monster fish.

Take a look:

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there. Sometimes life is like a 500-pound goliath grouper—it swerves at the last minute and pulls you out of the boat. It’s up to you whether you give up or, like our friend Dustin here, get back in the boat and show that fish who’s boss.

Hat Tip – [NBC 26]

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