NFL Considering Fewer Commercials as a Way To Boost Low Ratings


Unlike any other year before, the NFL has encountered low ratings across the board.  The reasons range from terrible primetime games to being in direct competition with the most controversial election in recent memory.

There are even those who will point to San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the Anthem as a reason for the lower ratings, but most will tell you it’s the unbelievable amount of commercials during a game.

Team scores a touchdown and kicks extra point.


Ensuing kickoff right after.




Every. Single. Game.

According to NFL Media executive vice president Brian Rolapp, most games include as many as 70 commercials and that is a clear turnoff for most fans.  Now, the NFL is “looking very hard” at trying to change its approach to commercials.

“In a world where Netflix has no commercials and consumers are used to 15 seconds of of pre-roll, is there a better way to do commercials with our broadcast partners?”

“Could they be shorter? Could they be better? Are replays too long?” he said. “We are constantly look at those things to make the pace of the games more interesting.”

“This election is so unique, and people are going to talk about it for a long time,” Rolapp said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we finish this year down.”

“But we would like to see the ratings come back,” he said.

Rolapp said the NFL is “not overly surprised” about its recent ratings drop, adding, “we are not overly worried.”

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