Tom Brady Implies He Didn’t Give Trump Permission to Mention His Name, Says Gisele Told Him No More Politics (Video)


On Monday night, at a political rally in the heart of New England, Donald Trump said that Tom Brady had called him earlier that day to say he had voted for him.

It was kind of surprising for a couple of reasons. For one, while he had admitted that Trump was a “friend,” Brady had spent six months avoiding the question of who he was voting for. For another, Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen seemed to say their family was not supporting Trump in a social media post.

At the Patriots’ mid-week press conference on Wednesday, the day after Tump was elected President of the United States, Brady was asked about his support of Trump. And while the legendary QB did not say who he voted for, he did seem to imply that he did not give his permission for Trump to mention his name at the rally.

Oh, and he also says Gisele told him not to talk about politics anymore.

Take a look:

Quick, someone call the communications experts to break down Tom’s body language! Is he telling the truth?


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