Steve Smith Fires Back at Rodney Harrison: ‘At Age 37, I’m Doing What He Couldn’t at Age 31’ (Video)


After the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Cleveland Browns with ease on Thursday night, wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. had plenty of words for a former New England Patriots player.

Back in October, NBC’s Rodney Harrison had some choice words about the Ravens and their dependance on a 37-year-old wide receiver to lead the team.

“I look at Steve Smith and he is your best player, but the problem is he is a 37-year-old wide receiver,” Harrison said in October. “He is coming off a major surgery. Once he left the game, then your toughness and production left. They have some good young wide receivers, but they don’t have a lot of NFL experience.”

After the game, Steve Smith Sr. finally got his chance to respond back to Harrison’s comments:

“I’m feeling good. Some people have said, certain people that work (for this network) said when the offense depends on a 37-year-old, it’s in trouble. I look at a guy like that, he’s upset that what I’m doing at 37, he couldn’t do at 31,” Smith said.

“He knows how hard it is to play this game,” Smith continued. “He’s gonna take it away, and say ‘If they depend on him at 37.’ I respect the heck out of Rodney Harrison, but don’t take digs at me, ’cause I dig back and dig deeper.

“Rodney Harrison, I respect him. But just give me my credit, bro.”



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