Tristan Thompson Dumps Khloe Kardashian Because Teammates Were Calling Him “Tristan Kardashian”


After signing a huge deal with the Cavs about a year ago and winning a ring in June, Thompson became in high demand for a Kardashian and Khloe stepped up to the plate. He not only left his pregnant girlfriend for her, but regularly facetime’s Khloe while taking his ex to her doctor’s appointments for the baby.

Just weeks after it was reported that Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James told teammate Tristan Thompson to keep his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, away from the team, the pair may have broken up because of name calling.

According to MTO: spoke with the significant other of a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and she tells us that Tristan and Khloe have “broken up.”

The insider explained to MTO, “Everyone was[teasing] Tristan calling him “Kardashian” in the locker room.” Tristan reportedly did NOT like his new nickname, and it caused stress on his relationship with Khloe.

The insider added, “It’s messed up because I think [Tristan] really cared for that girl [Khloe].”

Assuming he’d already boned her, the damage is already done and now we just wait for the downfall.

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