Jim Ross on Durant Leaving OKC: ‘I Hope We Beat Their Ass Every Time We Play’

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WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross is an avid Oklahoma Sooners fan as he has been on the sidelines during many games in the past. His love for Oklahoma also extends to the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This past offseason, superstar Kevin Durant left the Thunder in free agency.  While speaking with TheScore on Friday, Ross stated he wasn’t all that shocked about Durant leaving, but he still wasn’t happy about it.

“I don’t think anyone was totally shocked. That doesn’t say that we’re happy that he left,” Ross said. “It’s like getting jilted by your significant other. He was here, and he was the face of the franchise. I met him a couple of times. He’s a nice guy, and big wrestling fan. He’d come down to the O.U. basketball games from time to time, and I’d chat with him and say hello. We felt badly that he left, but it wasn’t a total shock.”

“Can we win the West? I don’t know if we’re going to win the West this year,” Ross said. “Can we get into the playoffs? I think so. Once you’re in the playoffs, everything starts all over. It’s a succession of seven-game series’ with your adversary. You win or you go home. If we can get into the playoffs with some momentum, and these young guys come together as a unit, we can give people some problems. Especially when you have a healthy (Russell) Westbrook, who’s a conundrum to anyone he plays.”

Ross went on to wish Durant well in Golden State, but also hopes the Thunder kick their asses each time they play.

“Hopefully he’ll (Durant) do well. I’m not a hater,” he added. “I don’t have enough fuel in my tank to use part of it for hate and issues. I hope he does well. But, at the same time, I hope we beat their ass every time we play them.”

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