Tyron Woodley Says ‘It’s Not a Good Idea For McGregor to Fight Me’ (Video)


Just before Saturday night in Madison Square Garden, where UFC 205 was set to take place, Conor McGregor got into a verbal argument with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, calling him a bitch multiple times.


After both fighters won their respective matches at UFC 205, Woodley warned McGregor that it wouldn’t be a good idea to fight him.

“To be just straight up honest, Conor McGregor is a guy that fought at 145 – ever in his life,” he said. “I haven’t weighed 145 since my sophomore year of high school.”

So it’s too much of a mismatch?

“I’m not going to say that,” he said. “Because he’s tall, he has long arms, he has good timing, and when you’ve got good timing like that, you can place place good punches. But I’m 100 percent positive he’s never been hit with the shots I’d hit him with.”

“I just don’t think Conor understands the pressure I can put on him and the power I can put on him and all the different attacks,” he said. “I think it’s good for media, but in general, man, I don’t know how I can win. If I beat him, everyone’s going to say I’m supposed to beat him and that he’s a former featherweight. And if I lose to him, we know what’s going to happen there.”

“If he wants to fight, we can sign it right now,” he said. “I’m good on the fight. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for him to fight me.”

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