A-Rod Now Lying About Taking Viral Pics (Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Oh, A-Rod. Just take your quarter-billion dollars, move to an island and enjoy your life in luxury. Because you can’t seem to do anything right when it comes to winning back the public.

The disgraced slugger went on Twitter sharing this pic “he saw,” but many people quickly responded that no, he didn’t see, because another Twitter user had posted that exact pic a few days earlier.

His first tweet (which was since deleted) stated, ““Saw this outside Home Depot today,” adding the hashtag “#305.” MIAMI REPRESENT.


Then, this tweet from the original photographer of the image began making the rounds:

So Rodriguez followed up his original tweet with a tweet saying he ‘saw the picture of someone at a Home Depot,’ implying he wasn’t witness to it:

Oh, A-Rod. You’re the worst.

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