Pat Riley Says He’s a ‘Cold-Assed, Cold-Hearted Irishman, But Cries When Thinking About Wade’

Miami Heat v Denver Nuggets

Despite bringing the Miami Heat its first ever NBA championship, and then helping bring LeBron James & Chris Bosh to the team so they could win two more titles, Dwyane Wade was never the highest paid player on the team.

According to Wade, Heat President Pat Riley never spoke with him once during the free agency period this offseason, which is why Wade took his talents to Chicago to play for his hometown Bulls.

After everything played out horribly, Pat Riley is now regretting how it was handled and wished he could do it all over.

“If we ever had to do it again — and Andy (Elisburg, the Heat’s Senior VP of Basketball Operations and General Manager) bang our fists on the table — if we ever had to do it again, when LeBron left (in 2014), we should have given Chris the max, and Dwyane the max. And that was it. Instead of trying to say to Dwayne, I want to get another guy for you, but you have to sacrifice. And that was wrong. I should have given him — we should have given him — that then. Now, that’s a big second guess. But that’s on me. If I could have pushed that, and I could have pushed that. But I didn’t. I said we need to get more talent for him. But somebody was going to sacrifice. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it. And we’re dealing with it. He’s dealing with it.

We’ll always love him. We’ll never forget him. I can listen to ‘The Way We Were’ by Willie Hutch and I’ll come to tears just thinking about him. Or I can listen to “Always Together” by the Dells. See, only you and I know these songs. And I’ll come to tears thinking about him. I’m a cold-assed, cold-hearted Irishman. And I was raised in that kind of environment by a coach, by Dad, three brothers that were in the military that were athletes, eight coaches that were tough-minded guys. Believe me, that was a tough hit when Dwyane left.”

The Heat are officially in rebuild mode as the team is 2-6 to start the season.



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