Bill Walton Used Twitter to Put Pressure on Airline to Find His Lost Bike, and It Worked! (Tweets)

Bill Walton lost bike

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Cycling is a major part of Bill Walton‘s life. The retired NBA legend has struggled with debilitating foot and back pain his entire adult life. At one point he said he even contemplated suicide. The one thing that has helped him cope over the years is cycling. His Bike, he told the Wall Street Journal back in April, is “the most important thing I have. It is my gym, my wheelchair and my church all in one.”

Of course, seeing as how Bill Walton is 6’11”, he can’t ride any old bike. He has to ride a custom-made bike with a 70 cm tube. And unfortunately, on Sunday the folks at Hawaiian Airlines misplaced his custom-made bike at the Honolulu Airport.

Now, Walton is a nice guy, so he didn’t go ballistic on Hawaiian Airlines immediately. However, after waiting around at the airport for five hours with no progress, he finally decided to light a fire under their asses by going public with his struggle on Twitter.


What ensued was a pretty amusing Twitter story.

Amazingly, Twitter was very supportive of Walton. And he was very appreciative.


Fortunately, all the tweeting worked. Six hours after taking the fight public, Walton got his bike back.

Man that thing is HUGE!

Good work Twitter.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]