Redskins CB Josh Norman Believes That NFL Commissioners Should Have Term Limits


Much like every NFL fan and player, Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman would love to see commissioner Roger Goodell gone.

When asked how the NFL could improve its product, Norman suggested that, much like the United States switches Presidents every 4 years, the same should go for people in charge of the NFL. That includes Roger Goodell.

“Simple: Get the people who are in there out.” Norman told Howard Fendrich of The Associated Press. “Whoever’s making the rules, just get ’em out. We have a new president; have a new NFL commissioner.

“The game has been this way for 100 years. Why are people in the (league) office trying to change it? What are you trying to make better? Why touch the game? … Change the staff. We changed the president; let’s change them, too,” he added. “There should be a number of years you can run it. There should be a term limit in the NFL.”

Norman has been fined three times this year for a total of just over $75,000, so it’s easy to see why he wants a change. Let’s make the NFL great again.

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