Derrick Rose Seeking $70K in Court Costs From Sexual Assault Accuser


It was a busy Summer for New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose, who had to deal with everything from being traded from his hometown Chicago Bulls, to a civil rape case from an ex-girlfriend who claimed he and his two friends gang-raped her while she was drunk in 2013.

Rose was found not liable by a California jury last month, and now the tables have turned as Rose is seeking money from his rape accuser.

Rose is seeking $70,000 in court costs from the woman, who originally sued him for $21.5 million.

Criminal charges were never filed in this case. At this point, I doubt it’s really about the money for Rose.  Rather, he’s probably looking to send a message to his accuser that she won’t get away with trying to tarnish his image for financial gain.

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