This Insane College Football Play Features Two Possession Changes and a Runback for a TD (Video)


You probably didn’t tune into Saturday’s NAIA battle between Northwestern (a different one) and Morningside. Which is a shame, because the mundane game, which was won 14-13, featured one of the wackiest plays we’ve seen this season.

A Morningside player, Tyler Kavan, was stripped of the ball, which Northwestern kept in play. They got a little greedy on their fumble return, however, hoping to toss it back to another player for a touchdown. The lateral didn’t go so great, and the ball sailed right into the arms of the initial runner, Tyler Kavan, who ran the ball back for a TD.


This gave Morningside a 14-0 lead, which essentially won them the game.

Watch this thing more than once. It gets more fun on repeated viewings.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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