The NFL RedZone Saves Football Viewers from an INSANE Number of Commercials


Even if you don’t have the NFL RedZone channel on Sunday Ticket, you probably have heard people sing its praises. The station cuts into the scoring and big play action of any game that’s on the air, which means you aren’t stuck watching replays, reviews, or TV timeouts.

People really like it. Maybe it’s because the average NFL game has a stupid 65 minutes of commercials per game. Which, when taken in the aggregate, equates to 37 hours of commercials that we’re spared from over the season.

Here’s the math, courtesy of Exstreamist:

  • The average NFL game has 63 minutes of advertisements
  • NFL RedZone broadcasts two blocks of games each Sunday
  • 63 minutes * 2 time blocks of games * 17 weeks of football = 1.5 days of commercials

Kinda shocking, right? And then there’s the overall breakdown, which is just as depressing:

average-nfl-commercialsMan, that’s painful. I don’t know what’s worse: the ads or 67 minutes of watching players stand around. Ugh.

Hat Tip – [Exstreamist]


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