Lions LB DeAndre Levy Says Breaking Joe Paterno’s Leg in College Was His ‘Proudest Moment’

Way back in 2006, Wisconsin linebacker DeAndre Levy accidentally broke the leg of late former Penn State coach Joe Paterno during a sideline collision.

Fast forward a few years later and a sexual assault scandal has rocked Penn State University and its football program to its core.  That scandal also has Levy saying that breaking JoePa’s leg is now his ‘most proudest moment‘ of his college career.

“That dirtbag, man,” Levy said of Paterno. “We’ve gotta stop prioritizing sports over humanity. Just because somebody can throw a football or coach football, they’re excluded from their wicked acts.”

Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell, who was an assistant coach under Paterno from 1986-1992 had this to say:

On his reaction to Levy’s comments, Caldwell said: “I think I’ve gone on record many times on how I’ve felt about Joe. In regards to our players making their statements about how they feel, I’d be hypocritical to tell you anything other than the fact that they can express their opinion. We don’t all necessarily agree with it.”

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