Steve Ballmer Still Looks Like a Schizophrenic on the Verge of a Heart Attack on the Sidelines (Video)


You have to love Clippers owner Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm on the sidelines. Sure, it’s a little…intense.  But I’m guessing that billionaires don’t really get inspired and fired up about much, so it’s nice to see him screaming and turning red. It might send him to an early grave, but it’s nice to see.

Last night, Ballmer took in the Grizzlies-Clips game, which was a doozy. And he responded by looking like he was going to Hulk out at any minute. Only he’s no Hulk. He’s just a wealthy bald guy in a plaid shirt.

So he looked like this:

I’m going to guess that he’s the next injured Clipper. He can’t move his arms like that unless he stretches properly first. Let’s get him a trainer and extend his career as an owner.

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