Goldberg Destroys Brock Lesnar in a Minute and a Half at Survivor Series (Video)


In a turn of events that shocked the wrestling world—especially anyone who paid $50 to watch it—Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in the Main Event at the Survivor Series PPV event on Sunday night. And he did it in a brisk one minute and 24 seconds.

The match marked Goldberg’s first return to the ring since his famously bad match against Lesnar at WrestleMania XX back in 2004. The WWE had been hyping the rematch for several months, with Goldberg and Lesnar making multiple appearances on Monday Night RAW to talk trash and rebuild their rivalry.

Seeing as how Goldberg is 49 years old and has been retired for 12 years, nobody thought the WWE was going to have him beat Lesnar, who is still a WWE regular. Most thought Lesnar would get revenge for his WrestleMania loss, and that would be the end of this storyline. But apparently the WWE has other plans.

The match started out as expected, with Lesnar picking up Goldberg and carrying him to the corner. But then Goldberg shoved Lesnar halfway across the ring. Lesnar sat on the mat looking stunned at the 49-year-old’s power. Then, when he tried to get up, Goldberg hit him with a spear. Then he hit him with another spear. And at that point it was clear that it was all over.

Take a look:

Turns out you didn’t need to buy the PPV to see this match. You just needed a Twitter account.

Monday Night RAW should be interesting.

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