Watch Jamie Foxx Try to Catch Not One, But Two 100-MPH Footballs (Video)


There’s no question Jamie Foxx is in great shape. And word has it that he’s still a pretty awesome athlete. But we actually got a chance to see what his hands are like when he heads up to the sports training facility in Thousand Oaks, CA to prep for his new movie ‘All-Star Weekend’.

Jamie was hanging out, cocky as ever, and not afraid to accept the “100-MPH Challenge”…even though he didn’t know what it was.

Take a look at how it went down:

BOOM. 2-for-2. It looks like they slow down a lot as they almost travel the length of the gym, but credit where credit is due…he’s got GOOD hands.

No idea what this movie’s about, but if they just wanna make it a Jackass-style affair where Jamie does dumb sports stuff, that’s fine with me.

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