New York Giants Receivers Must Spend a LOT of Time Working on Dance Routines (Videos)


Remember earlier this year when Odell Beckham Jr. was throwing tantrums and attacking kicking nets, and everybody was saying he was a distraction and should be benched, and Odell said he just wasn’t having fun any more?

Well, that’s all water under the bridge now that the Giants have rattled off five straight wins and improved to 7-3 on the season. Sure, with the exception of that one bonkers 222-yard performance in Week 6, Beckham still isn’t playing that well. But everybody seems to be having fun again now that the Giants are looking like a playoff team—specially Beckham and fellow receivers Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz.

Since the beginning of the season this trio of Giants receivers has been crafting and honing elaborate handshakes like the one you see here:

More recently, however, they’ve dialled things up a notch. Last week, prior to their game against the Bengals, the elaborate handshake evolved into a dance:

This past weekend, prior to their game against the Bears, we got a brand new, fully choreographed, never-before-seen handshake-dance hybrid:

As long as the Giants keep winning, OBJ, Shepard, and Cruz can do whatever the hell they want. But you still can’t help but wonder how these guys find the time for stuff, right?

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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