Notre Dame Forced to Vacate All 21 Wins From 2012 & 2013 For Academic Misconduct

Notre Dame v USC

The 2012 season was an absolute dream for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, as they went 12-1 en route to an appearance in the BCS National Championship Game, where they ultimately lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 42-14. The following year, they took a step back and only won 9 games en route to a win in the Pinstripe Bowl.

Unfortunately for Notre Dame and according to the NCAA, those wins never happened.

On Tuesday, the Irish’s 21 wins from 2012 and 2013 were stripped from their records after it was determined that a former student athletic trainer committed academic misconduct for multiple players.

The school could drop from 2nd in all-time wins to 6th. Notre Dame is expected to appeal the decision on the grounds that the punishment is way too excessive.

“We disagree with the decision of the hearing panel to impose, at its own discretion, a vacation of records penalty,” Notre Dame president John Jenkins said, according to Irish Illustrated’s Pete Sampson.

“Notre Dame would willingly accept a vacation of records penalty if it were appropriate. It is not in this case.”


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