Bills Fan Charged With Probation Violation After Being Seen Drinking Beer Out Of Woman’s Butt At Tailgate (Video)

Last month, Buffalo Bills fans were a little crazier than usual with QB Colin Kaepernick set to make his first start of the season at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Besides the usual throwing each other through tables and getting drunk hours before the game, there was one particular male Bills fan who wanted to drink beer a different way, and that was down the butt-crack of woman in front of hundreds.

On Wednesday, a sudden turn of events occurred.

You see, that Bills fan was actually on probation, and that video made the rounds on social media. So after the wrong people saw it, he was charged with probation violation.


That wasn’t all! The woman in the video was only 17-years-old.

Click here to watch the video on Barstool Sports Twitter.

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