NHL’s Vegas Expansion Franchise Now Has a Name: Meet the Vegas Golden Knights (Pics)


After months of speculation and several delays, the NHL’s Las Vegas expansion franchise finally revealed its name and logos on Tuesday night. With about 2,000 fans gathered in Toshiba Plaza outside T-Mobile Arena, team owner Bill Foley officially dubbed his hockey team the Vegas Golden Knights.

The primary logo is a shield featuring a knight’s helmet with a bold V formed by the negative space. Take a look:

The team’s secondary logo is an eight-pointed star that includes two crossed swords. It was intentionally designed to resemble the star on the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign:

In an official press release, team owner Bill Foley explained the reasoning behind the team name thusly:

Our name and our logo is really going to exhibit the highest element of the warrior class: the knight. The knight protects the unprotected. The knight defends the realm. The knight never gives up, never gives in, always advances, never retreats. That’s what our team is going to be.

The reality, of course, is that they probably could have come up with something more unique than Golden Knights. The NHL already has the Kings playing in the same division. Their base color is also black, and the basic aesthetic—shield-shaped crest with big block letters—is pretty similar.

That said, while you have to think they’ll probably just drop “Golden” 10 or 15 years from now, it’s not a terrible name. The logo is pretty solid, with it’s big bold V, and it looks pretty great on t-shirts and hats:

What do you think? Love, hate, or meh?

Hat Tip – [TSN, NHL.com]

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