Ohio State Makes Crazy Hype Video for Rivalry Game Against Michigan (Video)


If you were to say that Ohio State and Michigan was the biggest rivalry in all of sports, you probably wouldn’t get too many objections. These teams, whether they’re good or bad, HATE each other and have no qualms investing lots of energy and resources into making sure the world knows.

One perfect such example of that is this hype video coming from OSU:

I’m not normally a hype video type of guy, since the actual game should be doing most of the hyping. Teams shouldn’t need a marketing department to help their fans get excited. That said, this is a pretty fun one, and even if you hate these types of videos, it goes easy on the cheesiness and drama, opting for a bunch of cool vintage clips, some sparse voiceover, and a cool industrial-sounding beat instead.

It’s still a hype video that you wouldn’t think the fans of OSU or Michigan, both of whom are kicking butt this year, need.  But it’s still pretty cool to watch, so give it a shake.

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