Guess How Many Tries It Took This Guy to Sink a World Record 593-Foot Basketball Shot? (Video)


The problem with most trick shot videos is that the viewer knows that sooner or later, the guy shooting is going to make the shot, and we’re just seeing the repeated failures edited out.

Well, that’s true up until a point. The Australian YouTube group How Ridiculous managed to set a record with a shot of 593 feet, besting their previous one of 533 feet.

The picturesque shot was taken off of Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland. Nice choice, isn’t it?

That’s cool. But what’s REALLY cool is the fact that it only took them three tries to do it. I bet the crew packed lunches and extra SD cards and everything, only to learn they could all go home after five minutes or so. Must be nice.

Here’s the video:


The guy sinking the shot is Derek Herron, and he’s going to have to break 600 feet if he wants anyone to write another article about him again.

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