Sidney Crosby Pummels a Guy, Only Gets Two Minutes Because He’s Sidney Crosby (Video)


A lot of hockey fans really hate Sidney Crosby. Of course, they are mostly fans of teams that have to play the Penguins on a regular basis, like the Rangers or Flyers, so obviously they’re a little biased. However, if you want to understand why they hate him, the video below is a good place to start.

Midway through the first period of Wednesday night’s Penguins-Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh drove Penguins winger Conor Sheary face-first into the boards. Incensed, Sidney Crosby sought immediate retribution. So he flung off his gloves, threw McDonagh to the ice like a rag doll, and started throwing haymakers.

Jumping to the defense of a teammate? That’s honorable. But Crosby should have been given a fighting major, or an instigator, or at least a double minor. Instead, he got just two minutes for roughing.

Take a look:

Is it Sidney Crosby’s fault that the refs let him get away with this stuff? Of course not. But you can see why it pisses off opposing fans.

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