Jerry Jones Says Dak Prescott is ‘Daddy’ When He Uses His Stiff Arm

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

You can’t stop Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ excitement. You can only hope to contain it.

After a 2-14 year in 2015, a season that saw Tony Romo go down twice to injury, 2016 didn’t start off any better when Romo went down again.  But nobody could foresee what was about to happen to this franchise.

After not being able to win barely any games without Tony Romo behind center, rookie QB Dak Prescott took control of the team this season, and he has this squad at 10-1, with all signs pointing to a first round bye.

While speaking with Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News, Jerry Jones was asked about Dak’s 18-yard run, where he delivered a punishing stiff arm to safety Donte Whitner.


Jerry had this to say:

“Well I’ll say this, not only are you see him gaining when they got that pursuit coming after him, you see him run by a secondary player and then when he puts that stiff-arm (out) you quit worrying about him a little bit,” Jones said. 

“He’s the daddy when he does that.”

Well, okay then.

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