Michael Irvin Throws Shots At Josh Norman After His War of Words With Dez Bryant (Video)

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

On Thanksgiving, Cowboys WR Dez Bryant and Redskins CB Josh Norman engaged in an epic/childish war of words after the game at AT&T Stadium.  That nonsense had at least one hall of fame player upset.

Former Dallas Cowboys WR and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin had plenty to say about the behavior of both parties.

“I enjoy those battles. But I enjoy within the game. Not just Josh, Dez is going to put out film where he shows he was beating Josh. They didn’t throw you the ball! I don’t want to see that. It doesn’t matter. Let’s be real here, all Dez should have said was ‘I won the game, man. We won the game, we’re 10-1 and we’re moving on.’ … But on the football field, let’s play football. I’ve been in great one-on-one battles, and there’s some great cornerbacks that are wearing gold jackets today. And I’ve never seen some of the stuff that I’ve seen.”

Irvin made sure to let Dez know that showing film where you beat Norman and the ball wasn’t thrown to you is completely irrelevant.



He went on to really dig into Josh Norman and his behavior on the field:

“We don’t talk about this enough with Josh Norman. Watch the stuff that Josh Norman has done on the football field. But we spend so much time talking about Odell Beckham that we don’t talk about all the extra stuff. Picking people up, bodyslamming people, he did that both times in the battle against Odell Beckham. This time, he’s grabbing Dez’s foot, twisting his foot. It’s like ‘Come on man, play the game of football.’ You got talent, you want to be a shutdown corner, shut it down on the football field between the whistles. Don’t be doing all of that junk. Every week it’s something. One week Josh is arguing about the referee 88, now this week it’s Dez Bryant 88, I don’t know who it’s going to be what 88 next week. Just play football.”

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