Here’s the Most Ridiculous Football TD Ever…Called Back Because a Penalty (Video)


I’m not sure how many laterals we have in this play, but it’s a LOT.

Two Texas private schools, Bishop Dunne and St. Pius X, squared off and with one play left on their own 30-yard-line St. Pius X just went for it. And I actually DO know how many laterals were necessary to complete this majestic final play. It was nine. And two fumbles, which are sort of like accidental laterals.

Anyway, the play resulted in two things: a game-winning touchdown for St. Pius X who somehow made it all the way into the end zone, and also, sadly, a penalty that negated the whole thing. You just can’t run a play this crazy for this long without having SOMEONE block in the back or hold.

Take a look:

Not bad, right?

Well, Bishop Dunne won, but I think we should hang an asterisk on this one just due to the craziness of the play. It’s like the Music City Miracle, but…inconsequential.

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