Go-Karting Female Forgets to Break Around Hairpin Turn; See How That Worked Out (Video)


The above picture might not be the clearest thing in the world, so allow me to set the stage. You’re Go-Karting, as all millennials do on a weekly basis, when, as you slow down and go wide to hit a hairpin turn, your buddy’s girlfriend, forgetting how physics and driving works, tears by you, deciding to put her car squarely into the apex of the turn without braking.

Sound scary? It’s not. It’s hilarious. Look:

I don’t know if the fact that these kids are Russian makes any difference, but it sure would be nice to know her age. Like, does she drive daily, but just loses her senses when she’s behind the wheel of a go-kart?

In any event, it didn’t look TOO bad, but you might want to explain to her the physics of driving in case you ever want her to drive a car…or go go-karting, again.

Hat Tip – [reddit]

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