Cleveland’s Abysmal 0-12 Record Brings Coach Hue Jackson to Tears (Video)


When your team is as bad as the Browns, it’s hard to know if the coach is emotional because he actually loves his team and is frustrated, or if he just wants the world to know that he really cares about the job he’s going to lose.

In most instances, I would say it’s both.

Here’s Hue Jackson after his team’s loss to the Giants, clearly breaking down over the state of his hapless team, saying, “Being 0-12 is probably … the hardest thing ever.”:

It’s getting to the point that it’s not even fun to pick on the Browns anymore. Sure, they suck, but they’re only a historically bad team due to circumstances and injuries. Let’s see if they can get at least one W in the coming weeks and erase this pitiful image from our minds.

Nobody wants to see a coach cry. Except maybe the Ghost of Al Davis.

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