Nick Young Being Sued After Attacking Guy During Church League Game; Then His Friends Jumped Him

Nick Young

Just as Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young was starting to get props for his play and putting what happened to him last year behind him, he gets into some trouble.

According to TMZ, Nick Young became so enraged about not getting a foul call from a ref that he started beating down the dude who fouled him.  Even his teammates joined in on the beatdown.

“Nick Young threw a violent temper tantrum after not getting a foul call in a church league basketball game back in August … and allegedly beat the crap out of an opposing player … this according to a new lawsuit.

Young is being sued by Luis Solis — who claims he was playing against the Lakers star in a game on the court at the Shepherd of the Hills church in Porter Ranch, CA on August 18th.

In the court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Solis claims Young became “enraged” after he thought Solis fouled him … and the ref missed the call.

Solis says Young flipped out — and beat him down to the ground. At that point, a bunch of Nick’s teammates jumped in and began to kick him while he was down.

Solis says he suffered serious injuries including a concussion — and claims it’s not the first time Young has gotten violent during pick-up games. We’re told Solis has not filed a police report but is contemplating doing so.”

How none of this was caught on tape is beyond me, but you never know what might pop up in the coming days on social media.

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