Al Horford Responds to Boston Media Who Had Issue With Him Missing Game For Birth of Daughter

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics

You would think this would be understandable to some people, but there’s always a few who put sports over EVERYTHING.

After signing a 4-year, $113 million deal with the Boston Celtics this summer, fans and even media members in the Boston area can be very harsh if you’re not living up to the money that you’re being paid, but Monday’s situation went a little too far.

CSNNE’s Michael Felger criticized Horford for missing Monday’s contest against the Miami Heat to see the birth of his daughter.

“He had the birth of his kid in Atlanta,” Felger said on air. “The game was in Miami. I know when you make $30 million a year it ain’t much to get a private jet. (Celtics co-owner) Wyc (Grousbeck) would probably pick it up to fly down at 3 o’clock in Atlanta. It’s about a 90-minute flight to Atlanta. Play the game and come right back.”

On Wednesday, Horford responded to those comments and anybody who took issue with him wanting to see the birth of his child.

“Family is very important,” Horford told CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely. “For me, I’m in more of a unique situation. This is our first year here and my wife, going through all the moving in the middle of the pregnancy … I just felt it was really important for me to be there for her, supporting her. We have a son as well. For her, it’s been a lot thrown at her the past few months. I know it meant a lot to her for me to be there.”

He wasn’t the only one who had an issue with it, his sister Anna Horford took to Twitter to blast the guy who called out her brother.

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