See the Dramatic Conclusion of the OSU-Michigan Game, ‘Tecmo Bowl’-Style (Video)


It’s not often that hugely anticipated rivalry games live up to the hype. But on Saturday, OSU and Michigan squared off in what may have been the game of the season.  In case you missed it, Ohio State ended up winning the game in overtime, leaving Michigan outside the bubble for a playoff spot and coach Jim Harbaugh in hot water for cursing the refs out after the game.

Now, you can relive all that drama in 8-bit fashion thanks to this video that parses together gameplay in the style of Tecmo Bowl with the real in-game commentary.

Check it out:

They need to work on a graphic for a coach smashing a headset, but, otherwise…pretty good.

You know the ending, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. At some point, networks are going to need to do instant replays in Tecmo Bowl for our entertainment.

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