Steph Curry’s Cousin, Lexus, Shines as a Part-Time Instagram Model (Pics)


If you think that Steph Curry’s the only one in the Curry family with talent, you’d be wrong. There’s also his brother Seth, who plays for the Mavs. And his dad, Dell. Then, about four hundred names lower on the list, we’ve got his cousin, Lexus Safford , who describes herself as a “part-time model,” which sounds a little sadder than just not being a model at all, but she seems to be enjoying herself, so no harm done.

Anyway, she’s on Instagram and has no qualms using her connections to Steph to raise her profile a little bit.

You know how good Steph is at shooting 3s? That’s how good Lexus is at taking pictures of herself. And she’s REALLY not afraid to play up the connection to her cousin

Let’s all give it up for Lexus, folks (photos via Twitter and Facebook):

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