Clay Matthews Calls Blindside Hit From Eagles OL a ‘Cheap Shot’, But Says He ‘Ate It’


On Monday Night Football, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Allen Barbre delivered a blindside hit to Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews that had the stadium and social media buzzing.

Clay wasn’t amused by the hit, because he sustained a shoulder injury after hitting the turf awkwardly in the first quarter. He returned later in the game once the x-rays came back negative, but days later, he’s still fuming about the play.

“I wasn’t a fan of it,” Matthews told reporters Wednesday. “I’ve got a lot more to say about it, but I’m going to say it behind closed doors.”

“Cheap shot, but it is what it is. I ate it.”

“I don’t know,” Matthews said. “They didn’t throw a flag, probably because I wasn’t a quarterback. I know all about that.”


Barbre didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with what he did and shrugged off Matthew’s comments:

“Everyone’s got their own opinion,” Barbre said, according to The News Journal. “If I didn’t block him, then maybe he would’ve made the tackle. I’m here to try to help us win, so I don’t really value his opinion. I just want to win.”


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