Iman Shumpert on Potential Finals Rematch Against Warriors: ‘We Gon’ Bust They Ass’

2016 NBA Finals - Game Five

Pretty much everybody have the Cleveland Cavaliers as the heavy favorites to make the NBA Finals for the 3rd consecutive year. And with the addition of Kevin Durant this past summer, the Golden State Warriors are the favorites to meet them there for the 3rd straight year.

After becoming the first ever team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the title, Cavaliers players are feeling pretty good about their chances to defend their championship against that same team, with or without Durant.

The Warriors’ Draymond Green has already stated back in October that he looks forward to ‘annihilating’ the Cavaliers.  Now, the Cavaliers’ Iman Shumpert has responded to those comments.

“We supposed to hate them, and they supposed to hate us,” Shumpert said of Green’s chirp. “It’s OK. They supposed to take cheap shots at us. They’re gonna hate us, fam.

“That’s what sports is. It’s great. I love every bit of it. I’m glad he said that ’cause we gon’ bust they ass, too. You need to type that up: We gon’ bust your ass. Period.”

I believe round 3 is in order.

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