Peyton Manning Told Eli and the Giants How to Beat the Steelers, So Place Your Bets Accordingly (Video)

Peyton Manning

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He may be retired, but Peyton Manning still wants to beat the Steelers.

Manning paid a visit to the New York Giants practice facility on Tuesday to visit lil’ bro Eli Manning. While there he addressed the team, sat in on a few meetings, and talked to coaches about how to exploit the Pittsburgh defense this coming Sunday.

“Yeah, he gave some insight,” Eli told reporters after Peyton’s visit. “Just some stuff that was successful. He’s played Pittsburgh a lot over the years, played them last year in the playoffs. So just had a few tips or ideas that may fit into our system.”

In fact, the elder Manning’s Denver Broncos defeated the Steelers in the playoffs just last year en route to their victory in Super Bowl 50. Given Peyton’s legendary ability to remember games play-by-play, he probably did have some useful insights.

As for his speech to the team, it was all about cherishing their time in the NFL.

“Don’t take all these moments and time with the guys and all your friends for granted,” recounted rookie wide receiver Sterling Shepard. “Just with your teammates and everything, cherish those moments because it’s going to be over at some point.”

Sterling also noted a change in Eli’s demeanor.

“Eli wasn’t very talkative today,” Shepard said as he cracked a smile. “I don’t know why. I guess it was because big brother was in town.”

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