Fan Petitions Donald Trump to Deport Crazy Philadelphia Eagles Fan ‘EDP445’


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

After every Philadelphia Eagles loss, and there’s been plenty this year so far, crazy and irate Eagles fan ‘EDP445’ usually goes on a tirade in his room about how much the team sucks and who should be fired or cut.

He goes crazy, we all laugh, and random people tell him he’s going to have a heart attack one day, moving all that weight around so fast and screaming at the top of his lungs. Good times, yea? NO.

A bunch of Eagles fan do not like that guy representing the fan base and wish he would stop, but clearly he won’t do that.  So one guy decided the best thing to do was to get him deported.

An Eagles fan took to to petition President-elect Donald Trump to deport EDP immediately.

“We can’t have a football fan like this in our country. Please sign guys. He hates football, now make him pay for it.”


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