Former Chicago Bears OL Turned Prison Guard Accused of Running Teen Fight Club

Chicago Bears 2011 Headshots

Former offensive lineman of the Chicago Bears, Johan O. Asiata, was one of four prison guards indicted last month for allegedly running a teen fight club that got many of the inmates severely injured. 

Asiata only played in two games for the Bears in 2010.  When his career didn’t pan out like he had hoped, he became a prison guard.

According to Daily Beast, Asiata and 3 other men ordered juvenile residents to attack fellow prisoners in January 2016, then stood back and watched as they brawled.

“Ten victims suffered bodily harm during bouts at the detention center, about 45 miles west of Chicago, authorities say.

“The public expects a fair system from start to finish,” McMahon told The Daily Beast, “and that means… people who are sentenced to incarceration either in the youth center or prison system… are treated fairly and with dignity.

“Correctional facilities are not supposed to be nice pleasant places, but they’re also not supposed to be places where people are exposed to harm from correctional employees,” added McMahon, who in August was named special prosecutor in the high-profile killing of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police.”

Asiata was charged with five counts of official misconduct, two counts of aggravated battery, and one count of unlawful restraint. He’s also accused of striking the prisoners as well as bringing contraband into the facility.

Even more disturbing is that Asiata is listed as one of the coaches for a Chicago Bears youth football team, and he even coached some kids this past summer.

“Knowing that Johan Asiata was a former Bears football player is disturbing,” one mom wrote on Facebook following his arrest. “He was the ‘special person’ at the football camp [my son] wanted to attend. I don’t think he will be the special person again anytime soon. Disturbing!”

Signed to the Bears as an undrafted free agent in 2009, Asiata once told the Chicago Tribune, “I just like to play. I just like to hit. That’s why I joined football, so I can hit people for fun.”

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